Saturday, 1 November 2008

RC Zeppelin/Blimp

As being the first post in my blog, I'm going to tell you about my current endeavours.

Me and a friend started thinking about building an RC Zeppelin, we put together a list of what we'd need and we started looking for shops that would sell all of those components.
The list was as follows:

1 Speed Controller
2 Motors
1 Receiver (3 channels)
1 Transmitter
1 LiPo battery
and of course the inflable.

We thought about the inflable first, but for some reason it is the easiest part. We thought about either making it with balsa wood and thin plastic or buying a spare from Ready2Fly blimps all over the internet. We're still in the process of designing it and finding better prices for the components.

You can see what we pretend in following video (aswell as a short story about zeppelin aviation):

Thank you, wemperor (AKA Andreas) for all of your help and for the video posted here.

Young Geek

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